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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

254. Half Day Gone

I put my hp alarm clock at 6am this morning. I only heard it at 10 past when it rung again after it snoozed for 10 minutes. I searched for my pair of spectacles to look at what it was. 6.10am I said to myself,' I wonder if I have enough time to get dressed, plugged some music to my ears, put on my Adidas sport shoes, go down stair put the laundry in the washing machine and unlock the main door and gate. Ok, I still have to go, it has been almost a month I had not exercised.

Having done all that, I get on my new Honda motorbike, start the engine, put on my helmet and off I went.

I felt like I want some fresh air blowing on to my face so that was why I decided to use the motorbike instead of drive the car. The morning fresh air will do me good I told myself.

My usual places that I went to brisk walk are either at the City Fan in town or to the hill which was just apposite 'Taman Awam Miri'. I chose the later as it was almost 7am (a bit late in case the sun has risen too high) and as it was nearer to my place.

I parked my motorbike at the bottom of the hill under a tree, making sure it is a safe place. Then I on my hp radio to listen to my 2 favorite Dee Jays at FM88.9 and got ready to walk briskly uphill.

I noticed there were already some house construction on my left side as I walked uphill. Things had come up fast here. I didn't see it when I last brisk walked this area.

I saw many cars belonging to joggers parked alongside of the road as I was brisk walking downhill

Soon after, as I returned back to where my motorbike was parked I took this view. Far ahead I could see the trees and hills still covered with the heavy morning dew. I stopped for several minutes to enjoy this view before I got on my motorbike to ride for home.

I reached home at 745am.

I felt energetic after that brisk walk. I should do this more often I told myself. The thing is, if I need to wake up early I should turn in early at nights but more often I did not :p Too much tv!

Anyway, I remembered Aya was on afternoon shift. I would make some potato soup with eggs and let her cook the vegetables today.

My Potato Soup with Eggs

This is just like making Egg Soup but I added some cube potatoes in it.

Ingredients & how to cook :-

Slice a 2" ginger thinly.
Ground 2 small red onions & 3 garlic.

In a pot, heat some cooking oil.
When hot, add in the ginger and the grounded onions & garlic.
Stir well until ingredients are aromatic.
Add water(how much soup I want) and bring to boil.

Meanwhile skin and cut 5 pieces of potatoes into small square cubes.
After cleaning under tap water, add the potatoes into the boiling water.
Let them become almost cook before breaking 3 eggs to the soup.

When cooked, add in 1 sliced red and 1 sliced green chillies.
I add a little white pepper to the soup as well.

Add salt and ajinomoto to taste.

So...that was half of my day gone.


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TK said...

Lama I tak naik motor. Bestlah mak Isah naik motor sana sini.Motor baru pulak tu. Most of the days I would go for briskwalking or jogging with my son at the park or by the beach while enjoying nature. It's my hobby.Then I would feel fresh and energetic. Tonite make sure u sleep early, ok! Esok boleh bangun awal n go for briswalking.. My children love the egg soup with potato. I's easy to prepare but delicious!

Puan Isah said...

Naik motor jimat minyak TK, nasih mak isah takde basikal mcm TK, kalau tidak mak isah akan selalu naik basikal he he...
Glad to know TK pun suka pegi brisk walk. Betul tu, selepas brisk walk rasa segar kan?
Pagi tadi tak gi sebab nak pegi pagi esok, brisk walk on alternate days kalau takde halangan :)

Oh your children love egg soup with potato jugak? Nice :) Yep, memang delicious!

Temuk said...

Salam Isah
Many doctors recommed brisk walking. The main obstacle is, not willing to 'brisk waking' (especially in the morning!)With the hot weather around, it's easy to sweat now even after just a short walk. That egg soup sure looks delicious!

Puan Isah said...

Salam Temuk
Betul tu...saya setuju!
Susah betul nak 'bangun' and 'into it brisk walk mood' waktu awal pagi he he...

And like you said, with the hot weather around, I do not wish to go brisk walk in the evening, 5 o'clock the sun is still shining bright :)

Thank you on your comment on the egg potato soup, it certainly is.

Stay safe.