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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

251. A Girl's Best Friend

I love beautifying my blog.

And when I do this, it is because I feel the satisfaction of seeing something beautiful in front of my eyes. It was not meant to gloat or show off.

To me, apart from the importance of writing a good genuine post helped by some reasonable good looking pictures, a good looking template brings freshness to the eyes :)

When I started blogging I started from scratch. I have no idea about html or css or whatever. I was even scared to click the 'edit html' in case I would lose some of the 'worm' looking words in that page.

Gradually I learned that one can save the template in case something goes wrong. And gradually by blog hopping at sites who teaches more on blog html, I learned by reading and trying.

I've never stop learning.

When I succeeded following the instructions I was so happy. I realized I was having fun!

This is one of the reasons I said the internet is fascinating.

Today I've learned how to 'make/install a post divider on my blog'.

If you want one just like mine below, the heart in an envelope, (you will have to download your own image) then just let Louise teach you, please visit her at ADORI GRAPHICS.

You can learn other things to put on to your blog too, just by clicking on 'tutorials' :)

HERE you can find some top tips about improving blog traffic. What I love most is about her comment on comments :)

If you like her blog do not forget to link her 'button' on to your site!


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