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Monday, May 18, 2009

65. All Because

I stayed home the whole day, only going out early this morning to the Taman Tunku bread shop 'Dahlia Bakery' to buy some bread, buns and a fruit cake. A disappointment though, because the butter buns and the fruit cake are too dry in their textures.

I have time to read the papers today.
It is very disturbing to know that 2 confirmed cases of the Influenza A(HINI) were found in Malaysia since May 13th. Thank goodness these 2 confirmed cases are said both now were in stable condition and showing positive improvement.

The first case was a young student who arrived on a Malaysian Airlines flight MH091 at KLIA from Newark, New Jersey (USA) at 7.15am on May 13th. Though this young student is in a stable condition now the Health Ministry is yet trying to track down 24 other passengers who were on the same flight. There were 119 passengers on that flight. They too have to be screened by the health department and quarantine in their homes for at least 7 days.
The second confirmed case was in the same flight as the young student who later left for Penang on a Air Asia flight AK5358 that left the LCCT Terminal at 11am the same day.

So now the Health Ministry also had to screen 101 other passengers and 5 crew members on that same flight to Penang.

More disturbing out of all these passengers, 6 of them arrived in Kuching, 2 in Miri and 1 to Sibu.

It went on like a chain... and all because of 1 passenger...

All I can say is stricter procedures and checks on incoming flights should be done at the airports.

This is definitely not a good year to travel.


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