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Friday, May 15, 2009

63. While I Was Blogging...

I am feeling hungry right now, and looking at the time it is 12.27am!

Noormy, my youngest daughter has just come back from work. She's on afternoon duty at Marriot & Spa Resort today, finishing at 12midnight. I always worry if she is on afternoon duties, coming back in the middle of the night. Good thing Os, her boyfriend fetches her each time if she is late coming home. Lots of work she told me just now so I 'shoo' her to shower first before chatting with me or doing anything else. I said if she's hungry I will accompany her to the kitchen later. I am hungry too lol..


Noormy is asleep now. We've been eating and talking, so I stopped blogging just now and left my laptop on. I went downstairs to the kitchen with her, fried 2 eggs for both of us and then we ate rice and the curried fish I cooked this afternoon with the eggs.
While eating Noormy talked about her work today. She told me something happened during her friend's shift 2 days ago. At that time her friend Nabila was working on night shift. A man approached her at the counter and asked to changed about 500 US dollars to Ringgit Malaysia. He also checked into a room in the resort. Guests often come to the counter to change the money rates. Later he told her he will come back to the counter to pay for the room, that was after getting the RM1,600 rate from the US money he wished to exchange.
Today, they discovered the US money were counterfeits. Looking back at their CCTV at the counter seemed like the man had tried to avoid the camera by standing at the far end of the counter which the camera could not get the full view of his face.
He escaped with the money without paying the room!

What happened is now it is a police case.

I advised Noormy to be more careful after what had happened to her colleague. She has to double checked any cash she handles with her Supervisor on duty next time just to make sure things come out all right. The most important she has to be observant of suspicious characters approaching her at the counter in future.

I worry especially if she works midnight or afternoon shifts. But I am sure she's smart enough not to be fooled like her colleague.

For anyone who is working with the public at any counters no matter what type of counters, be it hotels, resorts or banks, be very careful and be observant to others and things around you.

Have a nice day at work.


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