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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

61. Rain

It rained the whole day today.

This is a picture taken from inside my car of today's bad weather.

As usual I always feel more hungry when it rains. So on our way back after picking Zu from work, the 3 of us (with Alif) stopped at an Indian Mamak shop near Sevay Morsjaya to drink 'Teh Tarik', ate 'Roti Canai' with some 'Curry Gravy'.

Roti Canai RM2.00

A hot glass of Teh Tarik & Curry Gravy to dip the Roti Canai in

Zu ordered a second helping of 'Roti Canai' and I ordered a plate of 'Mee Mamak'

Mee Mamak RM3.50

Can you imagine I finished the whole plate? Like I said, I am always more hungry on a rainy day, he he...

Another favourite Indian Mamak shop of mine is called 'Restoran Al-Asna Sdn Bhd.'
Now this shop is situated a bit further from where I am staying, about 6km away, but I prefer the 'Curry Lamb' they cooked here. Nice and they give a very generous amount for a plate of RM4.00.

Curry Lamb RM4.00

And I like to eat the Curry Lamb with this 'Martabak Daging' RM5.50

These are all Indian food, and I love Indian food. They are very filling and I have to watch my diet lol...

Let's hope it will be sunshine tomorrow :)


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