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Saturday, May 9, 2009

59. 5 To the Final!

Yes! yes! 5 to the final concert next Saturday. I've just finished watching the 9th concert of the Malaysian top reality show the 'Akademi Fantasia 7' at channel 104 with the remaining 4 contestants, Isma, Yazid, Akim & Hafiz singing 2 songs each, 1 Malay and another an English song.

Isma started the evening singing a Malay song 'Aku Pasti Datang' sung by Bunga Cinta Lestari and later an English song 'Hot & Cold' by Patty Kerry.

Yazid sang 'Where the Street have no Name' by U2 and his second song was 'Aku Scandal' by Hujan.

Akim sang 2 songs, one was 'I'm Yours' & the other , a Malay song 'Larut'.

My favourite is still Hafiz. Tonight he really soared me with his fabulous singing of the song 'I believe I can Fly' by R kelly.

Read more about his singing and watch his video singing that song at http://hafizfc.blogspot.com/

End of the concert Ac Mizal announced AF Masuk is Aril. Also a favourite of mine.

All the best to the 5 who made it to the final concert! and to you Hafiz, you've made my 'Mother's Day! Thank you!


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