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Monday, May 25, 2009

70. Noodle Soup

Last Wednesday I ate a delicious bowl of 'Noodle Soup' at Jasmine Cafe so I decided to cook some more of my own on Sunday.

And I did. See?? All done by yours truly, he he...

I woke up early to prepare the ingredients...

1 kilo of yellow noodles (enough for the whole family)

1 kilo of prawns (skin peeled)

These are fried red onions and sliced fish cakes

Sliced spinach

'Taugeh' or Bean sprouts

Finally the soup itself, with pounded garlic & small red onions plus chopped chicken wings

For garnishing, thinly sliced onion sprouts and 'chili padi'

Wah, we had 'Noodle Soup' as our main meal on Sunday :)


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