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Thursday, September 3, 2009

146. Kinohimitsu

Loll... no, don't laugh, because those are my feet.

Aya came into my room a while ago and I told her my feet are aching. Then she remembered this stuff she gave me several months ago, called 'Kinohimitsu' (I do not know what is the meaning of the word). All she told me was she and her friend share buying the stuff. It is a sort of plaster which you stick to your feet, keep it there overnight and the next day you can see the white sort of plaster turns black. The blacker it is the more toxic has been inside your body and that the plaster has helped to absorb it from your body onto the plaster. Fantastic isn't it? I do not know how far this is true, but my daughter Aya strongly believe in it. It did happened to her and she had tried it before I used it tonight. And her plaster had turned quite black.

She insisted she put it on tonight for me. And she did!

See, my 2 feet plastered with 'Kinohimitsu'

The piece of paper you see is the following instructions being written on it.
1. Peel off large surface side
2. Place pad on centre
3. Stick pad onto sole or other affected areas
4. Then peel off edge sticker.

That's that.

If anyone out there know more about this stuff than I do, please let me know. I hope to learn more about it though :)

So I have to sleep with the plasters on tonight.

7.00am Friday Sept 4th

OMG! I took off the plaster when I woke up this morning. True, true, the piece of plaster has turned black! It's really black!

So is it true I have a lot of toxic in my body???


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