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Thursday, September 10, 2009

153. Bersantai

I wanted to eat some 'Durian Puffs' and drink hot 'Teh' around 730pm earlier on. So, after a shower I asked my daughter to accompany me drive downtown. After buying the puffs at Bintang Mega Mall, we were in search for a good place to drink with it when my eyes caught sight of the sign 'Sajian Warisan'. I told my daughter let's try this place. We had both wanted to go to the eatery but never did in the past.

The sign, as I entered the gate.

Once I parked the car at the parking space, we walked inside another entrance to the eating place.

The Entrance inside the Parking Space

I noticed the sitting places are in an open space and they are quite cute, like this one in the picture below. It is like a 'Pondok' sort of, where you can take off your shoes and sit on the floor while eating (This was taken in dim light but if you click on the image to enlarge maybe you'd know what I meant :) I noticed they named the pondok like 'P4', 'P3', 'P2' and so on. Besides these so called 'pondoks' I can find other ordinary tables and chairs too. Both me and my daughter sat in 'P3'. I find the place breezy plus with a fan blowing and it was nice sitting down there talking while eating.

The 'Pondok' where we sat

We were both not very hungry so we didn't order any rice. Noormy ordered a 'Vanilla Shake' and ate 'Jellyfish Salad' and a plate of 'French Fries''

Vanilla Shake (RM4.00)

Jellyfish Salad (RM6.00). Sorry for the poor image, I focused it poorly.

The 'Sambal' to dip in the jellyfish with.

French Fries (RM3.00)

I drank a hot mug of 'Teh Tarik' , munched my 'Durian Puffs' and ate a bowl of 'Indonesian Bakso' .

Indonesian Bakso (RM5.50)

Now, that was a good ' bersantai' for both of us :)


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