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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

151. Indahnya Ramadhan

Me and my 3 girls and grandson Alif were just back an hour ago from Parkcity Everly Hotel. We had our 'Berbuka Puasa' at Melinau Terrace there. The hotel is featuring 'Indahnya Ramadhan' at Melinau Terrace with all sorts of Malaysian cuisine from 630pm till 10pm on Mondays - Thursdays & Sundays. Hearing from friends it is good so we went today.

Parkcity Everly Hotel

Pictures tell it all, so hereby were all the food I lavishly tucked in this evening lol...

Penang Laksa

They have also Laksa Sarawak at the same hawker stall, and also 'Cucur Pisang' and 'Cucur Udang'.

Grass Jelly or Cincau with milk, sugar solution and ice

Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce. I had 3 helpings of this! Lamb if grilled is my favourite!

Grilled Prawns. And I had 2 helpings of this!

Others in the same hawker stall were Grilled Squid, Grilled Stingray and Grilled Snapper.

Grilled 'Ikan Terubok' with some Thai Sauce. As you can see next to it was my 2nd helping of grilled lamb with black pepper sauce :p

Buttered Prawns with a bit of White Rice.

Now you know I loveeee... prawns and lamb, especially if grilled. And I only took pictures of only what I have eaten this evening :)

Except I couldn't resist taking these 2 pictures. Did you see the huge bread? I took this picture because of it, and my, the bread was as hard as a rock!

And next to it were some cheese, butter and 'Keropok'. Perhaps they should serve these for breakfast?

Feeling full, I wandered near the swimming pool with Alif

A view of the 'Melinau Terrace' from where I was sitting at the poolside. Above the Melinau Terrace is the hotel lounge.

Before leaving, I tucked in another plate of Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce. This was the 3rd helping I was telling about. I know. I know, I should watch my cholesterol. But who can resist good food? Especially when I see my favourite food, ha ha...

5 of us sat at the lobby relaxing before getting up to go back. It was about 1030pm when we reached home.

I had a nice evening.


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