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Sunday, September 27, 2009

159. Sushi King

If you are at Bintang Mega Mall, Sushi King has recently opened there. Once seated you will be served with a free flow of 'Green Tea'.

Green Tea

This drink looks so delicious that I ordered it.

Fruche Blueberry RM8.90

There are many varieties of sushi you can choose from. These were some that I tried.

Golden Ball RM4

Philadelphia Maki Rm4

Chuka Chinmiseason Scallops RM5

Chuka Iidako RM6

And this one I forgot to jot down the name, but by the plate colour which is pink it costs RM4

What's unique about this place is that the food in the plates goes roung and round and you can just pick a plate that you fancy and pays later by the colour of the plates.

And you have to know how to use the 'Chopsticks'. Even Alif learned how to get fed with a pair of chopsticks ha ha...

Try eating at 'Sushi King' if you're in Miri.


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