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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

144. My Weekly Maid

My weekly maid came twice a week beginning of this week. 'Hari Raya Puasa' is just around the corner, I thought I need some extra help with the cleaning of the house. Today she called and said she is coming at 2pm and as usual on Thursday, so I said okay. She was half an hour late as she has to work at another house first. When she came she was all wet and sweaty due to walking in the hot weather so I advised her to catch her breath and sit down and drink a glass of water first. Pity her, I asked if she is able to go on with work, she insisted she is fine.

I gave her task to clean the sitting room today. Now that I have taken out an aliminium ladder from our store for her to reach the ceiling to clean the 2 ceiling fans, my coloured lamps at the corner and the curtain rails. She dusted and wiped clean the cupboard tops and swept the floor as well. I told her she just work 2 hours for today. She looked as if she need some rest as well.

End results I am happy with the sitting room and the fans :)

When it is clean, the fan turns faster. My curtain rail, pictures are cleaned too.

My colourful 3 lamps at the corner cleaned

She finished her work at 4.45pm, I send her home giving her some 'Ikan Tenggiri' for her family beside her wages.

I am glad she called up today.

I am sure some of you needs a maid to help clean your house once in a while too :)


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