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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

156. KFC Iced Lemon Tea

I don't know why but suddenly for the whole day I craved to drink the 'KFC Iced Lemon Tea' ha ha ha... It was hot today and when one is fasting one craved for liquids more than food, especially me. I did taste the 'KFC Iced Lemon Tea' once and I find it very quenching and taste more 'lemon' than 'tea'.

I told my youngest daughter Noormy about it, and she offered to bike down to the KFC at Jalan Bendahara to buy me one. I think it was really sweet of her :) It was around 6pm when she rode down on her motorbike and it was at 645pm when she finally came back home. Not only she bought 2 cups of 'Iced Lemon Tea' for me but she also bought 2 sets of 'KFC Dinner Plate' for the whole family to share.

It was a feast with my family during 'Berbuka Puasa' this evening, besides all the KFC food, there were the food prepared by Aya and me too, like 'Ikan Pari Asam Pedas', 'Mushroom with Daun Bawang', 'Bitter Gourd' cooked with eggs and 'Fried Eggs with Baked Beans'.

I used to drink 'Iced Lemon Tea' elsewhere and find they weren't as good but now I find the KFC Iced Lemon Tea not bad at all.

KFC Iced Lemon Tea

KFC Dinner Plate


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