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Monday, September 21, 2009

158. First Day of Hari Raya

First day of Hari Raya was such a busy day. That was yesterday. Besides receiving guests coming in the late morning I made sure we have a session of get-together among my immediate family for a 'Ziarah Session' where each of us asked for forgiveness among each other or says something positive and encouraging for the coming year. We did this session after the morning 'Hari Raya Prayers' and just before friends come to visit around 11am or 12noon on the first day. This practice has been going on since the children were small and they love it until today because during the session they still received their long awaiting 'angpow' from me and hubby :p

We started with Zu, our eldest daughter

Then it was Farouk, our second child

Sometimes a hug feels nice and warm

Then it was Aya's turn, my 3rd daughter

She's always as naughty :)

My youngest girl came next, Noormy

And the most 'manja' of all

Even grandson 'Alif' knows his share of 'Angpow' :)

Last but not least not forgetting 'Yours Truly' :)

Some family group photos...

We wish you a very happy Raya.


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