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Monday, September 7, 2009

150. Grass Jelly or Cincau Drink

I am very particular about my drinks. Whatever I drink must taste good and to my taste. When out in a restaurant or cafe, when I drink hot drinks at times, like a glass of 'Teh' (Tea with condensed milk) or a glass of 'Nescafe' (Nescafe with condensed milk) or a glass of 'Teh Tarik'. And when the tea, nescafe or milk, especially milk isn't enough I will get up to go to the drink counter to ask for some more milk added to my glass. I know, I sound fussy isn't it? But it is just important to me I enjoy my glass of drink so that I can enjoy the food I ordered. Loll...and I noticed my children are getting used to my getting up from my chair each time I am isn't satisfied with a drink made for me.

It is the Ramadhan month now. Usually I drink cold drinks for 'Berbuka Puasa' at home. One of my favourite cold drinks for 'Berbuka Puasa' is 'Grass Jelly' drink.

I add some sugar solution (boil some sugar with some water to make a sugar solution) to your taste, add some 'Evaporated Milk' (Susu Cair) and then add some ice cubes to it.

But first I sliced the grass jelly into very thin jellies with a knife. It will then is called 'Cincau' now.

My favourite 'Cincau' or 'Grass Jelly' cold drink

I usually buy this grass jelly in a tin to keep at home or sometimes buy from some locals who make their own grass jelly and sells them in a packet of RM1.20 each.

'Well Top Brand Grass Jelly' in a tin (RM1.99)

I find this drink very quenching and some people said drinking 'Grass Jelly' or 'Cincau' helps the body from being too heaty.

Have a nice 'Berbuka Puasa' :)


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