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Saturday, June 5, 2010

289. A Sweet Thought

I've just came back from attending a wedding at Marriot Resort & Spa Miri at it's ballroom. It was a wedding of hubby's side, his aunty's son, who married a Kelabit girl.

I went with Zu (my eldest daughter & her son) and Alif.

It is really a wedding month when it is June yea? Everybody talking about weddings he he...
But fun...for example like this one I've just attended. No doubt it was not such a big reception, a room with 15 tables but one unique thing I noticed was they (must be the wedding planner) put a corner for small children to play. For those guests who came with children, they can happily let their children play together and around on the floor with some big cushions and at a table with some snacks and drinks for them. I considered that such a sweet thought.

Do you have any like that at any of the weddings you attended?

Alif mixing with the other children

If you watch carefully, children mix faster when they are among themselves, even when it was someone they have just met. Like these children in this picture, tonight was the first time they met.

When they meet like this, they won't even bother their parents who were busy eating or talking with the other adults at their table ha ha...

I think they will be bored if they have to be confined to their baby chairs for the next several hours.

Tonight Alif forgot the 3 hours ceremony because he was so 'enjoying' himself meeting new friends.

Alif & his mom when we just first arrived. He wasn't aware of the children's corner at the back yet :)

Have fun attending weddings everyone!



TK said...

Bagusnya..they have a special area 4 children to roam around.Just like some shopping complexes having playgrounds for the children while the parents can go shopping. Tak pnah pegi wedding macam tuh! Comelnya your grandson!.

Puan Isah said...

Thanks TK :) alif just 2 years old.
That's right it's also first time mak isah attended a wedding which provides and think for the children. To mak isah, this should be practice whenever available. sometimes as adults we forget.
Mak isah really salute to the wedding organiser that night.

There's always can be a first time kan? :)

Take care dear