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Sunday, June 27, 2010

303. Before, After and In Betweens

It is Sunday.

This morning Zu, Alif, myself and Noormy went to have breakfast at Pakcik Wan Cafe (click on pakcik wan cafe to view) in Lutong.

Coming home at 10am we noticed the sky was very cloudy and in minutes it had started to drizzle. Since Aya was going to use the car at 1130 am, I told Noormy I'd better send her to work first at 1030am. It's difficult when comes rainy days as she rides on her motorbike to Marriot Resort & Spa to work each day.

It was quite a rush rush thing for me as, soon after sending Noormy, I need to cook 'Chicken Curry' for lunch as well as for Aya to bring to work with her rice. And I did. Just in time, to pack it in a small container for Aya before she drove off!

Next, I need to prepare for the afternoon selling my 'Cendol'.

But that's not what I was about to talk about. What I want to tell in this post is about deserts, things I eat before meals, after meals or in between meals :)

These 'Asam Epal' come from my own mango tree at the back of my kitchen. I like to cut them like this, put them to cool in my fridge and later eat them, usually after my meals or just before lunch. They are delicious, with a taste of a bit sour and more to the sweet.

My Mangoes or 'Asam Epal' (they are shaped like an apple)

I love yogurt! Do you take them too? I buy a cup of this 'Marigold' low fat yogurt at any supermarket and when I want to eat it I slice a red or a green apple into cubes to eat it with. I take this when I am too hungry when past my breakfast time. This gives me energy and it contain lots of protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B.


Sometimes I have 'Banana Split' for desert, if THAT can be called a Banana Split LOL..
Still, I love the taste of icecream on the bananas. My favorite flavors of course are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry :)

Banana Split

Lately my son Farouk has been bringing home 'Buah Sukun' (bread fruit) almost every weekend. So I sliced and fried them in a flour dough and eat them still hot with some chilli sauce. I love 'buah sukun', it is one of my favorite and nowadays this bread fruit is rare at the 'Tamu Muhibbah'.

Fried Buah Sukun

Lastly, sometimes I turned to my 'Cendol' (click on cendol to view) when I am feeling thirsty in the evenings. In between selling, i either make myself a small bowl of 'cendol' or a small bowl of red beans. Just yummy!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday!


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Lady of Leisure said...

waduh... cant resist cendol for my sweet tooth... yummy...

Puan Isah said...

Aduhhh...sayang seribu kali sayang lady of leisure jauh, kalau tak saya bagi free, cuba dulu! he he...

hugs :)

TK said...

Mak Isah byknya makanan..Those are things i love as well.I love yoghurt and having yoghurt with apple is a good idea!! Nak try nanti!

You are a superwoman..masak lagi, jual cendol lagi..I surrender!! Have a nice day Mak Isah!

mira said...

mama isahhhhh...
sampai berkarat la mau tunggu i datang mamam ur cendolll~~ haha.. :)

lama tak jenguk mama isah eh.. sihat ka??

p/s *wink wink..* macam maju ja ur biznes tu im sure u can get a brand new camera tak lama lagi... hehehe.. :)

Kak Rosaliza said...

salam puan isah...wah sedapnya semua makanan tu

Puan Isah said...

Thank you TK! you really make mak isah laughed..hish bukan superwoman, mak isah suka buat sendiri bz he he..

Suka yogurt jugak? cuba makan dgn apple cubes, sedap. Mak isah kalau ada anggur pun letak sama!

Try, jgn tak try :p

Puan Isah said...

Hai Mira!!
Mak isah sihat, harap mira same same too he he...
A'ah la, lama mira takde jengguk mak isah, rindu kat Mira :)

Ye la..tgh geram nak beli digital camera la ni..tungguuu..!

Puan Isah said...

Salam rosa!
Terima kasih... :)