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Monday, June 28, 2010

304. So...

Okay... so now I am a member of the SARAWAK BLOGGERS. (click on sarawak bloggers to view)

I sent in the application form for membership a couple of weeks ago and I've just discovered they have approved me and had put my blog in the list as CASUAL BLOGGERS (my blog no.63) which means bloggers who has been blogging in less than 2 years.

Hmm..I do not know why I wanted to join when I filled the application form online. At that time I have no apparent reason other than I am curious to find out what has been and is going on with the Sarawak Bloggers community. I found out most of the core team are from Kuching. I am not sure if any did come from other cities or town in Sarawak(as I haven't really gone through most of the core team's blogs to find out).

I am also a member of the MIRI BLOGGERS (click on miri bloggers to view). I joined their membership quite (can't remember exactly when) a while ago. I was hoping to get to know a lot of other Miri bloggers through their site. Right now I admit I've got to know a lot more bloggers and had become friends with bloggers from Semenanjung rather than bloggers from my own hometown. Not that it bothers me one bit, in fact I am so glad because I discovered the people from Semenanjung are as friendly as I want them to be! And I thank God I got to know a lot of their different kinds of cultures, especially FOOD! :)

I think sharing recipes and especially comments are the first step that we bloggers can get to know one another and become friends. It is a good feeling when I have a comment written by a blogger friend on any one of my posts. I will take the time to answer his or her comment and I hope that will show her or him that I am pleased, happy that she or he has stopped by.

Wouldn't you be?

With that in mind, I will then go to her or his blog to read more about what's been written there and will take my time to give a comment on any of his or her posts.

I believe if I continue to do so every now and then I will soon gain another blogger friend!

And that will make me richer because I have a new friend!

Do you do the same thing? :)


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