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Thursday, June 3, 2010

287. Do You Know...

Do you know what is this?

This is what I use to clean my 2 year old precious BenQ! :)

Right, it is my laptop keyboard and monitor (you call it monitor? I do) cleaner.

The black tiny brush on the left side is just enough to reach in between the keys of my BenQ to clean any dust that gets in between. Just whisk it in between lightly.
And the very tiny pink strand of nylon, I use it to brush clean the monitor.

I have a bad habit of forgetting to clean these part of my BenQ so I hang this brush right next to it near my computer table.

I chose pink because my 2 daughters said pink. Their favorite color, purple was not available LOL..

What do you use to clean your laptop? or desktop?


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TK said...

Rajinnya Mak Isah cleaning the lappy. I also need that for my lappy yg selalu diabaikan..hehe. Berdebu sana sini..

Puan Isah said...

Mana ada rajin TK ha ha...kalau rajin tak kan mak isah gantongkan benda ni dekat-dekat. Supaya tak lupa! :)