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Saturday, June 26, 2010

302. An Angel Friend Blogger Award

I have been awarded with this very cute 'Angel Friends Blogger Award' by one of my very cute angel friends named TK (click here to go to her blog). Thanks TK... for always being such an angel to Mak Isah too :)

I think you are the first blogger friend I had who first called me 'Mak Isah' and for that I feel very honored and appreciated. Lately, a few bloggers had started to call me 'Mak Isah' and this kinda make me feel very much at home and I like it :)

At the back of my mind I have honestly been thinking whether to change the 'Puan Isah' to 'Mak Isah' he he... What do you all think? :p

I know too, TK was the first who had 'followed' mak isah. I noticed too that she (TK) always was the first to comment in any of my posts (where she finds the time of course :p

And for all these TK has made mak isah feel very much at home in this blog world. Thank you TK!

For those of you who doesn't get to know TK yet do visit her here (click here to go to her blog). She is a teacher who loves especially to take pictures of sceneries and her pictures at her blog are fabulous! And I think she likes Japanese products too LOL.. (correct mak isah if am wrong yea?)

I have fun knowing her and I hope you all will too!

Love you TK!


TK said...

Thank you Mak Isah 4 accepting my award. Everytime I see people accepting my award I feel appreciated and honored.Thanks a million!!You are certainly an angel blogger friend!!!

I am so happy other bloggers started calling you Mak Isah as well...Rasa mesra panggil Mak Isah tau..I love you too Mak Isah!!!

Puan Isah said...

Thank you too TK...wah rasa terharu betul mak isah membaca komen TK yang ini...

Thank you dear..for being such a good friend :)