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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

305. Cucumber Soup with Pepper

I cooked this 'Cucumber Soup' last week, to eat with my 'Roasted Chicken'.

Well, today hubby brought home some more cucumbers.

I cooked the soup the same style again, on Zu's request, she said,' Sedap, makan panas-panas, Alif pun suka makan ya..'

My family can't do without a soup dish in a meal. They like to sip hot soups when eating rice. So sometimes my soups come down to as simple as this!

My Simple Cucumber Soup

Preparation :-

1) Skin and then cut the cucumbers in small strips as above.
2) Clean and drip dry in a sieve.
3) Ground one small shallot and one garlic.
4) Saute the grounded shallot and garlic.
5) Add water (how much soup I want).
6) When boiled, add the cucumbers.
7) Boil until cucumbers are soft.
8) Add a pinch of shrimp paste to the soup.
9) Add salt and ajinomoto to taste.
10) Add a few drops of pepper powder.
11) Bring to boil, then off fire.

Eat the cucumber soup while it is hot.

I wonder if you ever cook a soup dish as simple as this!

p/s. Later hubby brought in these 2 cucumbers into the house. He told me he forgot all about them, which he left in his motorbike's basket.

He told me these two were given by a friend :) And another type of cucumber!


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ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah..

Entri Mak Isah ni buat saya senyum sorang2...

Frankly speaking saya bukan "kaki masak". Dalam erti kata lain, tak reti masak...

Di antara menu yang saya kerap buat kalau perlu masak waktu belum kawin dulu, ni lah dia...
Sekarang pembantu rumah yang masak, jadi, lama dah tak tengok menu nih..

Thanks ye Mak Isah, nanti-nanti saya nak cuba buatlah... untuk kembalikan nostalgia...

Puan Isah said...

He he...senang hati mak isah baca yang mak isah buat ummu tersenyum sorang2. mak isah pun senyum jugak membacanya...

Alaa..mak isah pun bukan kaki masak, mak isah masak ikut selera je..dan kekadang tu masak, bila tak sedap, buat lagi...'learning by experiences' kata orang LOL..

Cuba la menu ni...bisik2 pada suami yang menu ni yang ummu buat sebelum kawin dulu :p

Hugs dear :)

TK said...

My mother never cook cucumber. We only eat fresh cucumber or buat acar, that's all. Beli pegi east coast..barulah I makan timun masak gulai or masak mcm Mak Isah buat ni..Sedap rupanya!..I never try this...

Puan Isah said...

Try la TK... :) ni sup simple je..tapi tak pedas, hanya rasa lada je.

Good morning to you dear :)