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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

299. Roasting My Chicken

It was hot today and yesterday, the weather touching 31 degrees. I was busy with my 'Cendol' (click on cendol to view :) To me and Zu, hot days means good business for us, and when we are busy, it weren't just catering for the customers, we had to be on the watch what items we had were 'quite' running out. So last night, I crashed early due to tiredness he he...

This morning I decided to cook something simple that do not take so much of my time in the kitchen. That way, even after my 'Cendol' business , I won't get so tired when night comes and I can do my blogging before going to sleep.

Yesterday evening hubby brought home five whole chicken. My fridge is full of them! The idea of roasting one of them came into my mind. I roasted one and it's simple and healthy :)

To prepare :-

Cut one whole chicken at its breast and throw away whatever not from it's stomach from there. Clean, wash and drip dry on to a siever for 5 to 10 minutes.

Meanwhile ground one 'Bombay' onion and a 2" ginger.

Marinate the chicken with the 2 ingredients plus some turmeric powder.

Add salt and ajinomoto.

Sprinkle some pepper.

Place the chicken in a square baking tin (8x8 inches)

I use my black oven which has heat on top and at the bottom of it to roast my chicken.
This will take 90 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

The top heat will give the top of the chicken a brown nice colour when cooked.

My Black Oven (that's what I called it :p

Like this!

My Homemade Roasted Chicken

The bell of my black oven will go 'ting' after 90 minutes. I let the chicken cool down for half an hour. By 12noon when it's ready for lunch, I asked Zu(she's quite an expert) to cut the chicken up and placed them nicely on to a large glass bowl with cover on.

To go with the chicken, I simply cooked a simple 'Cucumber Soup' :p

A bowl of my Homemade Cucumber Soup. Mind you, the cucumber are from my 'Rojak' stall LOL...

And to eat with my cut roasted chicken, I eat it with a small bowl of dark soy sauce added with some lime juice (limau kasturi) and lots of 'cili padi'!


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