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Friday, June 4, 2010

288. ABC And Special

My customer just ordered,' ABC four'.

All my 3 girls are trained to make my drinks. I trained them so anyone of them can help if I am busy with the preparation of my 'Rojak Buah'. This time Zu is with me. So, she helped.

I use plastic cups with covers . ABC means all the four ingredients, sago, cendol, cincau and the kidney beans are scooped into each cup.

Sago, Cendol, Cincau and Kidney Beans in the plastic cups

Add evaporated condensed milk. I use 'Completa' eveporated milk. It is because it is heavier, tastier and more milky than any other evaporated milk. I've always told my girls to give more milk because especially milk make the 'cendol' nicer and tastier.

Add Milk

Machined Ice

Add the machined Ice into the cups. See?

Pour in some (measured) 'Gula Apong' solution. If you are having it while sitting at my stall, then I will serve you like this with a big straw or a disposable plastic spoon.

Add Gula Apong

Usually my customers like to 'tapau' (takeaway). So I closed the cups with covers and packed them up in a plastic bag

Covered And Ready To Takeaway

Another customer asked for two 'Special'. Ingredients will be some tinned cocktail fruits, corn, sago, lychee and some black raisins.

Here, I add some (measured) sugar solution before adding the ice.

Ingredients for 'Special'

Add Milk & The Machined Ice. To add flavour sprinkle some red rose syrup on top.

There you go, 2 Specials!

For the ABC, you can ask for' 'Kacang Merah' (Kidney Beans) alone, for 'Cendol' alone or even a mixture of any two or any three of the ingredients.

Of course there won't be any change in the price per cup! :)


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Jamie Wong said...

thanks! great sharing. i just go google cincau drink and your blog link popped out. im so glad i found this blog. keep your hard work. btw i love abc so much >< but unfortunately im staying oversea.

CikLilyPutih said...

sedapnya. nak satu yang special punye ek!

Puan Isah said...

Hi Jamie :) welcome to Miri
So you're in Australia. Study hard and take care.

Glad you like abc too

Come back to my blog often, you're always welcome here :)

Puan Isah said...

Bole bole... order je he he...

hugs :)

TK said...

Mak Isah your ABC looks so good. I always like ABC with more milk but most people are so stingy and put very little milk.Your ABC is luxury!

Puan Isah said...

Thank you TK!
Sebab kalo lebih taruh susu memang enak dan lazat tu, takpe kalau isi nya kurang sikit, kan sekarang cuaca panas!

Cam tu Mak isah merasai lazat cam tu la mak isah buat untuk customer, so in a sense the customer will keep coming back :)

TK stay safe ok