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Monday, June 1, 2009

74. At Marriot & Spa Resort

So I stayed for 2 nights at Marriot & Spa Resort, not 1 night as planned :p

It was a good short holiday from the house. And a treat for Zu (my eldest daughter) as it was her 32nd birthday on the 29 May.

3 of us checked in quite late as Zu was working half day last Saturday but it was okay. It left time for Noormy to sleep in our room as she was working midnight shift the previous night at Marriot.

After a couple of hours' rest in our room, Zu decided to bring her son Alif for his first dip in the children's swimming pool. Actually Alif was having a slight flu so I said not too long in the water.

Surprisingly he was okay after a while though he was against coming in at first lol..
Well, these were some of his pictures I took when his mom was trying to coax him and that it was all right.

His first dip in the water :)

His mom trying to dry him up after the dip

Alif had a restless night, it was perhaps due to new surroundings, new bed and new smell but his mom finally settled him down for the night.

Next morning on Sunday the 3 of us (Zu, Alif and myself) was early at the Zest Restaurant to have our buffet breakfast. Aya joined us later around 7am and went off to work at 9am.

I took some pictures of the food they served there...
like this egg omellete, fried with filling of cheese, mushroom, sliced onions & tomatoes & Rice

Baked potatoes, toasted bread with butter & jam

Roti Canai with Dhal, some salted vegetable, salted egg, cucumber

Guava juice & Tea

I was quite disappointed with the food at the hotel though. Though there were plenty I find some not as nice as I expected. There were other food but I only took some pictures of them.

At the table, Zu with Alif looking sleepy

I felt full the whole eay and didn't take food that evening.
This morning we did not breakfast at the hotel but drove down to town to eat 'Roti Canai' at 'Restoran Al-Asna'.
After that we went back to the hotel to freshen up and only checked out at 12 noon.

It was not a bad stay and Zu was happy spending her time there.

To end this post, have a 'Happy Gawai' celebration for today.


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