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Saturday, June 20, 2009

83. A Day in Wiwi's Life

I took on Wiwi when he was about 2 months old. He is a mixed of his Persian father and Siamese mother, and born on the 28 December 2005.

He used to be such a hyper active cat when he was younger. Now he likes to sit more and be fondled, stroked on his head and feel loved. The pictures in this post are taken yesterday and I noticed he didn't like the camera now, especially when it flashes on his eyes. No matter what I did to try him to open his eyes and look at me, he just wouldn't hence almost all the pictures here were with his eyes closed or with his head turned away he he...

Each morning at 9am I will let him come into my kitchen. Before wandering around he will stop and eat his Wiskas.

He has his fresh water and his litter bin beside it too.

Once full, he will wander to my sitting room. He loves to sit near my main door. He likes the cool cement floor and the breeze that comes through the door.

Thus his many poses, and the most he is willing to open his eyes :)


His other favourite spot is near my black cabinet. He will moved to this spot when he sees that there are too many people coming in and out of my main door.

Around 4 or 5pm I will put him back into his cage which I placed outside my kitchen balcony. There he will settled for the night with fresh food, fresh water and a clean litter bin until I let him out the next morning.

Wiwi is almost 4 years old now. I love him, I hope he has a long life with me.


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