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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

81. The Best Mee Kolok in Town


Last weekend I craved for this mee so much that Noormy and me shared an extra bowl after each of us eating a bowl of it!

If you happen to be in my hometown, Miri, let me show you where you can find the best 'Mee Kolok' in town. It is one of the SEDC shops nearby the 'Old Tamu' in town. Actually it is a row of old shops and been standing there for quite some years already. But for the Mee Kolok I would go there, sit there, eat and later be in sweat because the shop isn't airconditioned and there are always plenty of people there.

See what I mean? Even the signboard is getting old. And that's the name of the restaurant.

Usually when it was busy time, they has not enough waiter or waitresses but surprisingly last week their service were quick which made me really pleased.

Here's the man who makes the Mee Kolok and his small stall situated in the front part of the restaurant. He was very obliging when I asked to get a picture of him and his stall.

So folks, if you happen to be in Miri, do drop by at this shop and try the Mee Kolok there!


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