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Saturday, June 6, 2009

77. Wedding Gifts

Late afternoon hubby came home from 'Pengilan' (we use this word for feasts held by Muslims at their houses) at a neighbour's house. It was a Malay wedding, and like most Malay weddings nowadays, each guest came home with a small gift. This has become the tradition now, the host of the house handing a small gift to each one of the guests who had come to the house.

Hubby handed me a small box of the gift he got. It was a cute box with some writings of the wedded couple's names on it. When I opened the box I found these :

There was this see through small bag which contains 4 pieces of candies, an orange jelly with clear casing, a 'tasbih' ( this are chains of beads used for prayers by us Muslims) & a blue flower candle.

Amongst all those tiny things, this was the cutest, a small blue flower candle wrapped in a cute wrapping and tied with a piece of golden leaves.

Tasks are made much easier for Malay weddings nowadays especially with invitation cards and gifts for the invited guests later. All one has to do is just order and the cards are printed and gifts boxes prepared and sold for one who has a wedding coming on.

Like the gift box up here one can view other varieties online here:


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