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Friday, June 26, 2009

87. Low


I don't know if the picture up here can make you smile but I did, maybe just a little but it helps as I am at this moment feeling kind of low. For no particular reasons, this feeling of lowliness just creep in. I do hope this feeling will go away soon.

I hope this helps to make me feel better so I've made plans for tonight. I am picking Aya at 930, so I will go out from the house at 715, drop by at the Reflexology to have my arms and hands massaged for an hour, then off to Bintang Mega Mall to have my favourite 'Spaghetti Curry Laksa' at the Secret Recipe. On my way to meet Aya I'll stop to buy some 'Durian Puffs' at the Taste Better.

Hope that helps.

And hope that picture helps you too!


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