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Sunday, June 14, 2009

80. Pasar Tamu

On Sunday mornings, the road in between the SEDC building and the Centrepoint Miri is crowded with people. Over here many jungle and local food products are sold. It was like a 'Pasar Tamu' here. The sellers set up their own big umbrellas to give shade to their products and themselves and I noticed most of the sellers are women.

Like I said before it is still mango season here. And you can see a lot of various types of mangoes on sale here.

The place was crowded with people

I was there at 10am, I know there'll be more people coming

These green leaves are 'Pucuk Labu' (young leaves of the yellow pumpkin plants)

A nearer view
You can add a few of these leaves to your yellow pumpkin soup. It makes the soup taste sweeter and nicer.

'Terong Asam', 'Lengkuas', 'Buah Terap'

A nearer view
'Terong Asam', to add to your 'Asam Pedas' soup

Pineapples. These are small ripe pineapples and they are sweet. Some people called them 'Sarikei pineapples'.

The yellow basin is filled up with 'Asam Paya'. These are very very sour fruits. People here add the sour flesh of these fruits in their 'Sambal Belacan' or in their 'Asam Pedas Soup' or even some who like sour things eat them raw.

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