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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

75. My Old Mango Tree


This is my old mango tree. I am not sure exactly how old it is, it seemed so long ago when me and hubby together planted it. Perhaps it was as old as my youngest daughter Noormy, 19 years ago. It took 12 years before it bears it's first bunch of fruits. 3 years ago it bear so much fruits that I had to give to my neighbours and even sell the fruits to a fruit seller in my place. This last 2 years it bears less fruits but some are not as big as before. Still, they are as sweet as ever, and I refuse to sell. Those extra mangoes I give to my neighbours.

The Fruits - I picked these this morning, washed them, chosed some to give away and some I put in the fridge

After I peeled and sliced the fruit, this is how it looks like, very sweet

It is really mango season at this time of the year. I have this other mango tree at the back of my kitchen. It's fruits are different, a bit rounder like apple-looking and has a more sweet sour taste.

A more rounder shape looking mango fruits

The fruits look like this

Lately many times me and hubby thought of chopping off this old mango tree but then each time we refrained. It gives good fruits and give shade to our old house.

I hope you like this fruit called Mango. I do :)


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