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Saturday, June 27, 2009

88. Springcleaning?

Actually I am dead tired. I had been going out for the last 2 days, yesterday and today. Oh nowhere special, just been wandering around at Bintang Mega Mall, since the new wings were filled with so many shops there are so many things to see and window shop, and eat!

So I was out from 6pm till 10pm this evening. Can you imagine how my feet feels? Arrggh that soreness... & I almost go into last night reflexology shop to have my feet massage this time but no I didn't go in he he...

I am the type who can't go out without leaving the house clean. This time I made it a point to do some spring cleaning in my bedroom. Doing dusting and rearranging my books. I owned a row of books which I placed at the head of my bed, as you can see in the picture below.

I am pleased to see they are dusted and arranged.

Having my books all arranged next I turned to my corner where I placed my minibar and tv. I have them all arranged and wiped cleaned with a wet cloth.

Next I cleaned my precious laptop and my Altec Lansing speakers ha ha...

Last but not least I cleaned the first desktop computer that I ever owned, a LIKOM monitor & CPU.

Ahh..Now my room looks better and cleaner, I could go out with a relaxed mind.

And I did.


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