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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

79. Close

Today my 3rd daughter is off from work so I decided to go to the Imperial Mall for a foot reflexology massage. I had to drive the car which she usually uses to go to work. I often go to this shop called 'Yi Kang Reflexology Massage' there. I am their avid customer.

Lately my right foot is giving me some pain especially at the heel part. I've always enjoy my feet being massage and today I feel I do need one badly. Lazy to knock on Aya's door I texted her telling her I'll be going for my foot massage later in the evening. It was about 8pm when I was ready to go. Hubby asked where I was going, I said I am going to the Mall. Hmmm... I can't tell him I am going for a foot massage because he will say why should I be wasting my money when I have him to massage for me. Well... this is the part I find difficult to answer him ha ha... that is without hurting his feelings. The truth is I do ask him to massage my body parts including my feet and legs, the thing is err...because he is not a professional he tends to be too rough on spots where he shouldn't be too rough if you know what I mean...So, how can I tell him that? He always believe he is a good massager and who can do it all.
That's why when he asked I just said to the Mall. Lol...thank heavens he didn't ask more.

As I was going out he asked if I could buy him a piece of KFC on my way back and I said of course. It was already 8pm so by the time I was in the massage room it was 8.35pm as I first had to withdraw some money from my ATM and buy the KFC first before heading to the massage shop.

I asked for my feet to be massaged for an hour, it was over at 9.40pm. When I was just about to relax for a couple of minutes I received a call from hubby, asking where was I. I said of course at the Mall and on my way back. I guessed he was waiting for his KFC plus he had to head to his night work at the Shell Station by then.

In the end I waited for him at his worksite for him to come to work on his motorbike. After waiting for about 10 minutes he came, I handed him his KFC before he went into his office. And I drove home.

Whew I said, that was close :)

Btw, you ever been in a spot like me too?


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