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Thursday, October 1, 2009

160. Sayur Cabi

My daughter Aya cooked something delicious for me today. She called it 'Sayur Cabi'. Well, this recipe she tasted from one of her colleagues who happened to bring food from home for lunch. Now she (Aya) in turned wants me to taste it too. She insisted it tasted good.

15 or 20 Green chillies, sliced thinly throwing away the seeds.

Throw in some grounded garlic and red onions into some hot oil in a frying pan.
Add some anchovies.
Add in the washed green chillies.
Add some tamarind juice.
Let it cooked until slightly dry.
Add in some salt and aji to taste.

The cooked 'Sayur Cabi'

It tasted good to me and served as a side dish.


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