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Thursday, April 16, 2009

43. Surprises

Earlier on, at 8pm I was surprised by Noormy (my youngest daughter) entering my room, serving me dinner in bed! It was a pleasant surprise, and she cooked 2 out of the 3 dishes she displayed on my plate :)
And they were neatly placed on my plate. It is so nice to be pampered so once in a while. And she must have done this after she heard I complained of a headache earlier on. I feel her love.
You know what I did before eating, took a picture of course!

And of course Noormy cooked her best liked dishes, nearest to my spoon and fork is Baked Beans with eggs, next to it is Mushroom with eggs. Yep she cooked these. Well, on the most left was the Sardine Aya cooked this morning.

Clockwise : Sardine with Chillies, Mushroom with Eggs, Baked Beans with Eggs and of course White Rice

I didn't realized I was hungry not until I finished everything on the plate. I guess I was too lazy to eat dinner if it hadn't for Noormy.

Right now the bugs really got on to me. I can feel my nose blocked and my eyes watery. I've just taken 2 tablets of Paracetamol to ease my headache. There's no medicine for my running nose in the house right now. If it gets worse tomorrow I'll drop at the Pharmacy.

My own fault really, I really shouldn't be so crazy to briskwalk in the rain this morning. What happened was I woke up so early this morning that I decided to go briskwalk thinking the rain will stop by the time I reached the hill. But it didn't. When I wanted to go back I saw 2 men briskwalking while holding an umbrella each. So I thought why don't I do the same. I did. When I came back to my car after finishing 1 lap it rained more heavily. I didn't use my jacket so I must have got the chill then. Now I feel really silly briskwalking in the rain today.

I am surprised I could get this cold and flu so quickly. I should be more careful with my health. It shows I am not as fit as those 2 men I saw this morning.


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