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Thursday, April 9, 2009

38. My Bridge & Sarong

Today I got my dental bridge fixed at last! Yep I went to see Dr Baru (dentist) this afternoon and had the original fixed in. I must say it was worth the sensivity that I had to go through because I am really happy with it. Now, I can smile wide lol...
Mind you this bridge is very expensive. Dr Baru charged me RM1,500 for it. I thought since I want to look much better when I smile so why not. Ha ha expensive smile huh :p

Earlier to having my appointment with the dentist, I was with Alif while he was asleep. He looked so relaxed in his sleeping 'sarong' (I used my 'sarong' and hang it on a hook for him to sleep during the daytime) that I just couldn't resist taking some pictures of him.


I know using a 'sarong' like this is so old-fashioned, but I like the idea of using it because I find putting Alif to sleep in a 'sarong' is very cooling and he sleeps much longer than in his cot during the day time. I just have to be careful to catch him when he wakes up, in case he falls off. But so far all he does is just cry for attention each time he wakes up so I know it's time I approached him and took him off the 'sarong'


p/s. BTW, I've learned how to make my own signature blog. Cool eh? :)


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