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Thursday, April 30, 2009

53. Books

Remember the books I borrowed from the library last Sunday? I was allowed to borrow 3 books, well, I am still reading one of them, 'Strangers in Death' by Nora Roberts. It is a murder story and I just love murder stories!

'Strangers in Death'

I haven't touch these other 2 books though :)

'Lovers and Strangers'

'The Five Secrets You must discover before You Die'

The last book's titled 'The Five Secrets You must discover before You Die' really intrigued me. Hmm... Wait till I read it, but first let me finish the first book.

My one problem is whenever I began reading a book, I get sleepy quickly. Then I will be sleeping with my book on my chest. I'd like to know a way how to avoid that from happening. No, it is not the book, this murder book I am reading is interesting. It's me.


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