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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

170. An Afternoon Snack

Oh, so quenching right?

That was 'Limau Kasturi & Asamboy Juice', especially good to drink on a hot day.

Limau Kasturi & Asamboy Juice

If you want an afternoon snack, drop by at 'Stall No.5' just behind the 'Sin Liang Supermarket' in Miri. This stall is my favourite. There are lots of other stalls of course.

Air Buang Panas. That's what it is called, supposed to be good to take away body heat.

Rojak Sotong with Dried Tauhu.

Rojak Sotong with Kangkong.

I can't live without chillies, and chillies it is that I asked to eat with those 'Rojak'.

If you are in Miri, try it there. It is cheap and the 'Taukeh' is generous with the food and clean with the preparation.


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