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Saturday, October 3, 2009

162. A Nice Evening

I went out to Bintang Mega Mall today.

The Mall was packed with crowds of people. There were so many functions going on. For example, at the ground floor there was an International Cultural Show going on a stage. There was also a DiGI roadshow and beside it there was a car promotion show. It was noisy, chatters,and music everywhere at the same time.

As for me, my ultimate purpose going to the Mall was to have a foot reflexology at the new shop there which is called 'Sixth Sense'. I didn't know it was called that because when I first went to the shop to have my hand massaged it was just opened and had no name yet.

I had a ONE hour foot reflexology and done by a new lady worker who said her name is June. She was good at it and I really enjoyed myself sitting there under her care for a full one hour. I went into the shop a few minutes before 5pm and came out a little after 6pm. Now that was what I called a good 'pamper' for me he he...

June made sure I had their business card with her name on it. So I can called the shop or her boss to make an appointment for me so she can render her service again to me. Now that was real cool of her. I like her :)

The business card she presented to me :)

My next stop was at 'Sushi King'. I had a craving for some sushi again today. So I just went in. A girl showed me to a table and I sat down to enjoy some sushi.

Mamakari RM3

Ebi RM4

Wasabikko Roll RM2

Egg Mayo RM2

Sake Mayo RM3

I spent RM16.10 at Sushi King :)

And like Malaysians, eating just sushi is not enough for me. Suddenly I found myself sitting at the next eatery 'The Secret Recipe' which was beside the 'Sushi King' shop lol...And there I was sitting enjoying some more food, my favourite, a bowl of 'Seafood Curry Laksa' with some 'English Breakfast' tea.

What's best was my table was facing the stage where the 'International Cultural Show 09' was going on. It was a show about all the cultural dances like 'Pakistani dance', 'Indonesian dance', 'Malaysian dance' etc. Now that was good entertainment for the evening for me.

Seafood Curry Laksa RM16.50

My English Breakfast Tea RM6.60

So including service charge and government tax I spent a total of RM26.55 there :)

BTW, I am not home yet, been sitting at 'Starbucks Coffee' blogging all these. A lot of people at 'Starbucks Coffee' at the moment, until the counter people forgot I have not ordered any drinks ha ha...
Anyway...maybe I don't buy any drinks at all? and still got to use my laptop with it's charger connected to one of their electrical sockets. I am using my Celcom Vodafone though, as their Starbucks Wifi seemed not to be working on my laptop.

It's 9.45pm, I think I should be heading home so I best pack up.

Have a nice evening folks!

I did.


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