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Monday, October 19, 2009

174. MarryBrown & Today's Routine

Today is back to routine like any other Mondays. The only thing is, I went out with Alif sending Noormy to work using Joni's car earlier at 130 this afternoon. Halfway to Marriot & Spa we stopped at Morsjaya Servay. Do you know that 'MarryBrown' has opened a small branch there? This has made it easy for me to get the 'Porridge' from there. The bigger branch at Bintang Mega Mall is always crowded with people and until to this day I have not gone there. Too long a queue.

If you want a quiet moment eating 'MarryBrown' go to Servay Morsjaya early part of the afternoon. It will be a little bit more crowded after 4pm or 430pm.

The Porridge was for Alif actually and instead of eating there like the first time, I 'tapau' it home this time.

One Shoplot of MarryBrown at Servay Morsjaya, ground and first floor.

The Porridge RM3.90, no tax.

My routine for today were :-

1. Plan something for Aya to cook before she goes to work. Today, I helped her cooked some tinned 'Sardine'.

2. Let the 5 cats loose and cleaned their littler bins.

3. Laundry.

3. Breakfast with Alif.

4. Bath Alif.

5. Alif's morning nap.

6. Hang clothes on the lines.

7. Lunch.

8. Sent Noormy to work.

9. Back, get the dried clothes from the lines.

10. Alif's afternoon nap (As it is now).

What did you do today?


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