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Saturday, October 24, 2009

177. One Of Those Days

Of late I seemed to be eating a lot of 'Roti Canai' & 'Kari Kambing' at the usual 'Al-Asna Restoran' in town. However, this morning I was a little wee disappointed with their service.

I arrived there and sat down at one of the tables inside the shop. I looked at my watch and saw it was 9.45am. I usually sit down under a turning fan when it was a hot day. Like I did this morning. As I entered the shop the Indian man behind the roti canai counter said,' Hello kakak, mau makan apa?' I said,' Satu roti canai double'. Then I sat down and waited for one of the girls to ask what drink do I want. No one came. When it was 10.05am, I raised my hand and one of the girls looked at me and I said,' Satu teh, kenapa tak ada orang tanya saya o..?' My roti canai arrived and I had to wait another 8 minutes for my drink to arrive. Pretty disappointing. I know it was still early and all the girls were busy with something but asking the next person at another table who arrived later than me, was a little too much. Hmmm... am I getting too sensitive? I said to myself loll...

I know it is all right to laugh about this now, but it wasn't at all so funny then, you know...plus I was pretty hungry and very thirsty at that time.

Anyway, I left the shop at 10.30am after phoning June and head to my 'usual' reflexology shop at Bintang Mega Mall. I had a total blissful feet massage done by June for a whole hour there. While massaging my feet, June chatted cheerfully about herself to me. On their LSD screen 'G.I.Joe' was playing. It really made my day. I forget what happened earlier on.

I left the shop at 12.15pm. Now to go up to Parkson Grand to buy Zu's flask. She've asked me to look around and buy one for her.

As I was heading towards the entrance to Parkson, I saw quite a number of promotions going on at the ground floor. One was a kiosk selling some badges, keychain & lockets in conjunctions of the 'Breast Cancer Awareness'. A lot of leaflets were also handed out. This was organised by the 'Breast Cancer Welfare Association' and buying those items means indirectly donating and proudly supporting women with breast cancer in Malaysia. This is good, I said. I bought a keychain and a locket. Very cute too.

The keychain & the Locket

Having got Zu's flask I headed to the car park and later head for home.

It was 2pm when I arrived home.

That's my day.


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