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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

166. My Living Room

Hari Raya Puasa has been and gone for over 2 weeks now but the atmosphere 'which has been' is still there and felt in my house. So, just not to loose it all I decided to take some pictures of my living room and my kitchen.

This part of the living room is where we see the tv. Remember my trifty buy of the photograph frames? See, I've placed them on the tv.

This sofa is facing directly towards the tv above. On it's right and left I have 2 long benches of the same sofa colour. I have put up big mirrors on the walls to make the room look bigger. Anyway, I like mirrors :) I have a brown table in front of the sofa to place cakes and biscuits on it.

This is towards the left of the sofa above. You can see the big mirror on the wall which has been painted brown. The wall behind the tv has been painted light beige.

This is the main sitting room. I have one longer sofa here.

3 framed flower pictures above the sofa hanging on the wall.

My favourite antique big vases.

Next to it, a single sofa, with a lamp post near the wall.

On the other side of the longer sofa is another single sofa next to it and a curtained door which leads to my kitchen.

A nearer view to the door to my kitchen.

That's my simple living room. I will post some pictures of my kitchen area the next time.

Till then,


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