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Friday, October 30, 2009

179. To KK

My last post was last Sunday, and then Monday came, things began happening so fast.

Tuesday came, by Wednesday night I was in Kota Kinabalu

It was like this...

I couldn't sleep very well on Sunday night and got worsen by Monday night. It was one of those days when a mother worry too much about her children. And I did worry about Aya and Nono who had decided to go to Kota Kinabalu for a holiday all on their own. They have been once to KK but with me and now they are going on their own. I must be seeing too much 'Criminal Investigation' on tv, I saw a recent one about 2 young girls who went to India and got held captive by some Indian gangsters.

So, with that reason I ended up going with them again this time. Call me stupid huh?

Any way, all things arranged, we are now staying at 'Best Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel' in KK. We arrived on Wednesday night at 1030pm. We were late arriving and what we needed at that moment was a good clean up and a good bed to sleep.

My first impressin of our room was small but after 2 nights there I began to like the place. I'd say a ten for their good hospitality even though the food was just 'okay'. I am talking about the buffet breakfast of course.

Coming back to the room we were staying in. I like it's bathroom best. It is small but they decorate it in such a way that it looks bigger than it was.
I like the tiles near the sink

I like a clean toilet whenever I stay in a hotel. It is first priority to me.

Next to the toilet the shower room is divided by only a glass wall. They put this instead of putting up a shower curtain and I think it was a good idea.

Well, Wednesday night we arrived late so there was not much to do except clean up and ate some sandwiches that I brought from home.

And then tucked ourselves in these beds...

Today I am still, yes, we are still in KK...

And there are more to tell and more pictures to post soon...

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