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Friday, October 2, 2009

161. Mushrooms with White Onions Stalks

These mushrooms sells in a packet and only costs RM2.99 at any Servay Supermarkets in my hometown. And at the moment, the children and my favourite vegetable dish. Usually I buy 2 packets for a meal. I will add them with some stalks of 'White Onions'.

The Mushrooms, already stripped and washed.

The White Onions stalks. Scissor them thinly and cut into an inch length.

Saute some mashed garlics and add blendered or fresh red chillies into some hot oil in a frying pan. Preferably more chillies as that will be tastier.
Add the white onions first and let them soften before adding the mushrooms.
Stir quickly and add salt and aji to taste.

The cooked mushrooms


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