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Sunday, October 25, 2009

178. Stepping Stones

My feet!

Yes for quite a while I had not been to 'City Fan'. Today I went with Aya. I wanted to exercise my two feet on the stones. And I wanted to give my two feet some more exercise even after the foot reflexology I had yesterday morning. And I did. The stones (as you can see in the picture) are of many types. Many types means the stones were arranged differently, more protruding means more pressure on the soles of one's feet. So here at City Fan there were different patches of the stones. It is advisable that you step on the not so protruding ones when you start and then go to the more protruding ones when the soles of your feet feels much 'warmer'. I said warmer because you will be surprised after you step on the easier stones, you will feel more comfortable stepping on the more protruding stones.

Try it. Not only elderly people come to step on these stones, I noticed there were younger people too, even the children seemed to love doing it. It should be fun for the family to try it!

I felt much better after half an hour doing it. I sweat too and that is a good sign to me. The sole of my right foot wasn't feeling as painful. So I should go there whenever I can :)

Since we are on the subject to Miri City Fan, let me talk a little about it. Honestly, I feel proud of this place.

It is a 10.4 hectare park which includes a promenade, parkland, an amphitheater, musical fountain, a library and cultural center and some various gardens. It is a nice place to stroll in cool evenings after a stressful day at work or housework. On weekends like today 'City Fan' is a popular place with people and their families.

Some views of the place..

The Seahorses are mascots of Miri town

The photos above are courtesy of this website Read more of Miri City Fan.

Have a wonderful evening.


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