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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

165. Fruits Season

I had a hard time opening up durian fruits recently. Hubby bought plenty and brought them home but got no time to help me open them so I had to do it myself. Leaving the durians on the floor made the whole house smells the minute you enter it. I prefer to open all of them (when I could) and place them in some bowl and cover them in clear plastic sheets before putting them in the freezer or in the refrigerator. And that's what I did.

The so called 'King of Fruits', the Durian

Placed in a bowl covered with clear plastic sheet before I put them in my refrigerator.

Unlike me, my children prefer the durians to be made into 'Bubur Durian' before they wish to consume them. So besides the fresh durians there are also some 'Bubur Durian' in my refrigerator.

Homemade 'Bubur Durian'

To make the 'Bubur Durian' just dilute a packet of powdered coconut milk with some water in a pot. Let to boil.
Add some sugar to taste.
Add 2 pandan leaves.
Add half a cup of soaked sago pellets.
Lastly when boiled, add in the durians.
When boiled, off the fire and leave to cool in the pot before storing in the refrigerator.

'Bubur Durian' is tastier when eaten cold.

It is really the fruit seasons now. Not only the durians are on my table but there were also 'Buah Dabai', 'Mangosteen' and 'Asam Embang' (What do you call this in English?)

'Buah Dabai'

I eat these fruits with rice. But first you have to soak them in boiling water.
Place some in a bowl.
Pour some hot water and cover for 5 minutes.
Take off cover and pour away the water.
Sprinkle some salt and they are ready to eat.

Mangosteen. Somehow these fruits are not a favourite in my household. Perhaps because it is too sourly.

My neighbour gave a big 'Asam Embang' the other day. I put it in the fruit basket and almost forgot about it until it is a little overripe. So I decided to make a dish of 'Sambal Asam Embang' to eat it with rice.

Homemade 'Sambal Asam Embang'

Slice flesh of the asam into a pot. Keep aside.
Ground some fresh red chillies.
Add a bit of 'belacan'.
Add in some anchovies.

Take out the grounded ingredients and add into the pot of asam embang. Mix well. Add a bit of salt to taste.

Cover and keep in the refrigerator. Take out when it is cool and eat with rice during meals.

It is advisable to drink more water when you eat more fruits though. I always advise my children to drink more fluids especially when they eat durians.


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