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Thursday, October 15, 2009

171. A Function

We (Noormy, Zu & Alif & myself) spent almost the whole day at Parkcity Everly Hotel Miri last Sunday. It was to attend a charity event organised by the 'Soroptimist International Miri'. The function was held at 'D'Pavilion', an 'okay' function but the turnout was poor. Most of the tables were empty, we had one table all to ourselves but I guessed most of the tickets were sold. We were the onlookers that day.

So maybe I'll just show off some pictures which I managed to take during and before the function. Well, the function was no different from any others, there was the 'Sorotimist Pledge' being read by the members, then a welcome speech by the organising chairlady bla bla bla...only then some few activities were fitted in.

Noormy & Alif looking bored before the function.

Before function and activities started...

Zu getting into queue to get her nails manicured for only RM10.

Noormy too had her nails manicured.

I had a go too in the 'Tarian Poco-Poco' . Hmm... it looked easy but mind you, it's not!

Foodwise, we were served Brunch. These were an array of fruits at the very end table. I didn't have time to snap the main menu as I was too busy eating, lol... I was too hungry as I didn't take breakfast before going there ha ha...

Cold Iced Kacang Cendol

Some Salads

Tired but happy...

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