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Saturday, November 7, 2009

185. At Home & Some Views

Today I just stayed home. For 2 reasons, one was because I felt too tired to go out (I think I still need time to regain my energy after coming back from KK and the second reason was because my weekly helper came this afternoon to clean up the house.

So in the morning I just do my routine household chores and she cleaned up the kitchen and living room when she came at 130pm in the afternoon. It was good having her today because I was too tired to clean up the cooking pots that were used yesterday. Well, usually I did it myself but not today.

So while she washed things downstair I was upstair getting my grandson, Alif to sleep. When he had slept I came onlined and found these pictures in my 'document'. And I thought why don't I share them with you too. I hope you like them too.

I love to watch sunsets. This one below was taken by Noormy while we were driving downtown. I suppose Mirians know where this is, it is the road near the Miri Airport, and I use this road almost everyday of my life.

The view was so specticular that I shouted to Noormy to snap it with my handphone and she did :p

Down here are 2 more snaps which she took while she was at the 'Luak Esplanage' one evening. She knew I love sunsets so she took them and sent to my email later.

I hope you love sunsets too.