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Monday, November 9, 2009

187. Promosi Batik & Tenun Miri

After breakfast with hubby yesterday, he went back to work and I got up to buy some litter sands for my cats. As I passed the old 'Dewan Masyarakat' building, I saw some gerai (stalls) and plenty of people there. Since I have ample time before going home, I decided to stop by after buying the sand. I did.

It was a 'Promosi Batik & Tenun' organised by the Miri Craft Heritage Centre.

An interesting sight caught my eyes as I was about to enter the entrance of the 'Dewan Masyarakat'. There is this demonstration of how to fold scarves into a bottle or book holder etc.

See what I mean? very clever, I find this very interesting

The beautiful handicraft of Sarawak... have a look

One Kenyah lady actually did this table cloth out of beads

There were also stalls outside the hall

Some more stall outside

An Iban lady cleverly demonstrating how to weave the 'Pua'

The 'Pua' almost done

The 'Pua' newly done

Costume jeweleries like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings etc all made out of beads. This was my favourite corner, and I bought 2 bracelets.


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