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Sunday, November 15, 2009

193. Lazy... & Ladys' Fingers

Today is a quiet day for me. I stayed home. So beside light housework and helping with the cooking in the morning, I stayed upstair in my room most part of the afternoon. Resting of course, and resting means either online with my laptop or see tv. Usually, if I am not going out, I keep Sunday a lazy day at home doing minimal housework.

So today it was a lazy day for me. I spent most of my time upstair in my room. It was my free day from looking after my grandson Alif. Aahh... sheer bliss, I said to myself :P

Remember I said I seemed to be eating the vegetable Ladys' Fingers nowadays? Well, this afternoon when I was downstair putting the cats into their cages, I looked into my refrigerator and found there was one more plastic bag of that vegetable there. Hubby bought a lot of prawns today so I said why don't I cook these ladys' fingers with them prawns :)

And I did.

I didn't skin off the whole part of the prawns, I'd prefer that way to preserve the sweetness of the prawns. I know the children will complain they had to take off the skin while eating but that too will keep their hands off the plate of prawns while it is on the table ha ha...

Homemade Ladys' Fingers & Prawns Vegetable

To do a simple 'cooking' , ground 2 'bawang putih', 3 'bawang merah' plus a red chilli. Pour a little cooking oil in a pan, when simmering add these grounded ingredients.
Add in the washed beheaded prawns & the washed sliced ladys' fingers.

When almost cooked, add in salt and 'aji' to taste.

When cooked, serve in a dish.

It was a delicious vegetable dish.


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