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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

195. Buah Cempedak

Buah Cempedak

For 2 consecutive days myself and hubby had been eating this fruit 'Cempedak'. There were 2 ripe ones on the table since Monday. So we both ate one on Monday evening and the other one this evening. The rest of the family would'nt even touch this fruit, they just weren't in favour of it at all.

The flesh inside the 'Cempedak'

Actually hubby bought the cempedak because he wanted to eat the seeds. Do you know the seeds can be eaten? I like the seeds too. All I have to do with the seeds was cooked it in water, let it boil as long as, until the seeds are soft. Do not forget to sprinkle some salt to taste. When cooked, sieve away the water, let the seeds cool and eat them as a 'snack' in front of your tv or while at the dinner table chatting with members of the family.

The boiled Cempedak Seeds

But just beware, if you eat too much of these seeds, you'll find yourself giving out a lot of 'wind' from your body :p



Temuk said...

Pn Isah
Since the children don't like the cempedak, then you & hubby can monopolise the fruit. Lagi bagus. I love cempedak too & fried cempedak is fantastic. The fruit costs between RM5-7 a kg in KL. Quite expensive, and if you are unlucky you might get one that is full of 'sabut', no isi! I like the biji rebus as well. I wonder how it tastes if roasted. Salam.

Puan Isah said...

Thanks for passing by & a good day to you
ha ha...memang pun betul, we monopolised the fruit. The 2 fruits only cost RM5 & they do not sell in kg here, tak timbang pun..
Right now there are plenty being sold in town.
Roasted? now that's an idea right? :)


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